Todays wind measurement – El Médano, Tenerife Sur

We check the current wind here: Rudis Anemometer

Please compare our wind forecast with this measurement data, to see the accuracy of our forecast.

The aerial photo below shows our SURF CENTER on the left, the parking lot, Hotel Playa Sur and a small part of our big wind- and kitesurfing beach. Because of the high tide, the bathing beaches on the right side in front of the village El Médano look rather small. Please click to our gallery of El Médano surf photos to see more photos of our bay and the SURF CENTER.
Wind & Kite Surfschule Playa Sur, El Médano, Teneriffa

The next picture shows El Médano Bay from the west. Looking at this beautiful Atlantic Ocean bay from above, it is not hard to understand, why people from around the world visit our surfcenter. We have excellent winds and fine weather throughout the year.
To plan for your surf holidays, you might want to have a look at our wind statistics of El Médano, Playa Sur.
El Médano Bay, Tenerife Sur