Windsurfing Lessons

We also offer lessons for all levels every day of the year as long as the wind and wave conditions allow.


  • With our wave freaks and experienced instructors Marijn, Raik and Tom.
  • With the proven methods of the VDWS.
  • Available for all levels, depending on the conditions.
  • Beginner lessons up to 25 knots (for adults).
  • Advanced lessons from beach start to front loop and air gybe.
  • Beginner boards and light, easy to use school rigs for beginners.
  • Prices for individual and group lessons can be found here.
  • Suitable equipment and neoprene wetsuits are included.
  • We also have sails for kids starting from 1.2 m².
  • Safety and success are guaranteed for every keen student with our Bungee Technique (see below).
  • Lessons for using StandUpPaddle and waveriding boards also available – see prices for kite equipment.
  • Information about our teaching methods can be found at Arne’s site
  • Video assisted teaching also available.


Bungee Technique

Since the the Surf Center’s inception in El Médano we have had to develop a unique teaching methods due to our shore break and ocean swell. This is how it works:

  • Elastic rope connects the students‘ board with the instructors‘ board.
  • The instructor keeps the students‘ board on course.
  • The student can concentrate on maintaining their balance.
  • The student doesn’t get sudden pulls on their board (which would happen with a non-alastic rope).
  • Drifting downwind is avoided.
  • Direct assistance with turning even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Unbelievable progress in a very short time span.
Windsurfing El Medano
Windsurfing lessons El Medano
Bungee Windsurfing
Windsurf Lessons El Medano