El Médano

El Médano has grown massively over the last 30 years. When we took over the SURF CENTER it was little more than a fishing village with a couple of houses and two hotels. Now the only thing missing in El Médano is a cinema. From all accomodation types to restaurants of all the main cuisines, this sleepy village has developed an amazing infrastructure around a spectacular windsurfing spot.

The Windsurfing Bay

  • To see the current wind and wave conditions you can check out the webcams
  • Easy access beach which gets deeper gradually with fine sand
  • You can stand up to 20m from the shoreline
  • Wind conditions are great for intermediate to advanced windsurfers and kitesurfers (side on-shore wind and ocean waves with shorebreak)
  • No rescue service necessary as long as you don’t leave the bay
  • No dangerous currents inside the bay (even during changing tides)
  • Clean waves for riding near the harbour wall
  • Not a single shark attack recorded
  • Jellyfish are rare
  • The only hassle-free windsurfing spot on the island
  • Those looking for more action can go up to the harbour wall and El Cabezo, more on the windsurfing areas in Arne’s article.

Windsurfing in El Médano

With the trade winds being our main source of wind, we have a pretty reliable 20 – 25 knots all year round. El Médano was already recognized as a windsurfing paradise back in the 1980’s when there were just a couple of houses lining the beach. Over time it has gained popularity due to the consistent winds, pleasant temperatures all year round and continuously added facilities. Here are the reasons that make El Médano the ideal windsurfing holiday destination.

el medano photo


El Médano offers accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Whether you want your own apartment to stay in with your family for a few weeks or stay in your tent to save money, have the option of going to the hotel spa in the afternoon or share a dorm with people from all types of backgrounds, you will find it here. For more information on accommodation in El Médano, click here.

Food and Drinks

As the village has grown, so has the number of bars, restaurants and cafés. From hot dog specialists to gourmet experiences, a large range of nationalities and an option for every bugdet. El Medano has it all for you to not have to repeat quality venues in at least two weeks. For a full list of what is available, click here.


We are not in a third world country. You are able to always be connected if you want. From 3G all over the island to WiFi in close to every bar and restaurant, there are many options to connect to the internet and call back home. For a full list of options click here.



Those who have never been to El Médano might think it is nothing but a glorified fishing village. This however couldn’t be further from the truth. Over time it has grown into a very complete urban area with everything you might need except from a cinema (although in the summer they organize an open air cinema). Here you have the full list of features that make El Médano a good HQ for your visit to Tenerife.

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One thing that separates El Médano from many other surf spots is that there are also many alternatives to wind sports. So in the rare case that there is no wind, if you want to have a more diverse holiday or if you have to enternatin your non-windsurfing family, you have plenty of other things available to you on the island. Read more about your options here.


Medical Assistance

For any accidents, no matter how big or small – from a pulled muscle to nasty cuts – El Médano offers a few options for medical assistance. And if the accident is so big that a small medical center doesn’t cut it there are state of the art hospitals on the island. For a full list of available services, click here.


Especially during the summer, El Médano has a big range of events to prove that sport isn’t the only thing that makes this village attractive. For a list of all the things you can find here and on the rest of the island, click here.