It actually seemed like a fake anyway. So many planning days with bright blue skies were offered as a Christmas present for our winter guests which they had a lot of fun with.
But we grant the wind gods a little break. Keeping in mind that for the next two weeks the beginners also receive their right to go on the water.
If we take a glance on the ground pressure forecast for the next two weeks it does look rather iritating. Did something like this ever happen? 1045 hPa over the Azores! Conditions like these are normally only seen during the hottest summer months. Veeery small sails will be used.
We are curious about the moving high pressure area and if it still has that shape when it reaches Africa, which is where it’s heading for. If it does stay the same, we will have to expect the annoying Calima temperatures coming from the desert storms next door. It stays interesting.