Just a day left for one last breath – from then on we’re expecting a Windsurfers dream. Ten predictions are promising us “our” wind from northwest directions. Always –  until the day before Christmas – with at least four Beaufort (mínimum 20 knots).

Now we just have to hope that the god Aiolos doesn’t waste all his resources to have something left for the visitors that come to spend their winter holidays on the Paradise island Tenerife. The Canaries still seem pretty attractive for such holidays.  Even more of we keep in mind the unsure situation of the alternative spots to go to for Winter. Therefore it would be unfaire towards those who depende on the school or work holidays.

With the comfortable breeze and the water temperatures that don’t go beneath 20°C, the see seems to be a very inviting factor to end the year with a Little action. We wish good luck to all of those who have decided the skiing alternative. For this you will not need to know the lowpressure points names lying north.:-)