It has been a while since we haven’t experienced so many ups and downs in the long term forecast. If the updated forcast really does come true we will have to conform ourselves with very slight breezes until the beginning of november. It is a if the wind gods are trying to equal the wonderful conditions they provided us with in summer.
After all those changes, the desire of looking into the future forecast goes lost. Sometimes all fairytale like conditions showed up in the forecast that has created hopes sadly turns into a miserable disapointment. There is no other other option than waiting to see what the weather bringes us.
In addition to all this, the annoying calima temperatures strike again. As long as the desert wind that our neighbour peninsula shares with us doesn’t block our sun, we can’t actually complain about anything. But it felt like that in summer there were more days with calima than without. At least that’s what the locals say. It is unavoidable to talk about the climate change. It is noticable.