Twentyfive following days of wrong calculations were our situation on the internet. The forecast wasn’t giving us the right information, and to last even the 72 hour forecast also had a fallout! It feels like a terrible catastrophy: not one forecast is dedicated to our spot. What now?
Again we have to make the shocking realization, how dependent we actually are from the new tecnologies. But also how happy we can be that Micheal Scheer can be asked to solve the problems. He is the initiator of the „muchoviento“ website, which is awesomly precise and this is where we take our infomation from.
Now everything works like always, and we can happily face the next days.
Surely we can proudly show our now five continued (!) weeks of planning wind (and it will surely not be the soon end). We just have to hope now that Aiolos won’t be too tired when day six of August arrives, which is when the Windsurfing Wave Worldcup starts in our neighbour bay…